Sparrows Landing Global Inc. is an outreach  organization, providing services to its clients through a variety of  programs. Sparrows Landing Global Inc. currently devoted to two outreach  projects; Homeless Impact DC and Project Hope Tanzania. All if an effort to support our nations and our world’s most vulnerable-the homeless, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. has developed programs to fit the specific need of its clientele, locally and internationally. 

Homeless Impact Dc

Homeless Impact DC is a homeless initiative performed by Sparrows  Landing Global Inc. on a weekly basis. Each week, SLG volunteers and staff go out into local homeless areas providing, food, snacks, water, refreshments, toiletries and emotional support. At the end of each  month, usually every 4th Sunday, SLG performs, this weekly initiative- Homeless Impact DC on a larger scale, providing outreach services in the form of a food drive, providing at least 125 meals in the Washington DC  area. By providing, food, refreshments, special aid and emotional  support, SLG uses its monthly outreach to continue to assess the needs  of its clients. Homeless Impact DC is a program used to unite the  Sparrows with local homeless residents, creating a trusting, lasting and  helping relationship.

Coffee and Conversation

SLG’s monthly program serving the DC homeless population with coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cool refreshments and well as bagels and pastries. Coffee and Conversation is a program created by SLG, specifically for its clients, to use as a platform to share their stories, express their concerns needs and get the emotional and mental support they need.

Wonder Woman Wednesdays

A women’s outreach initiative, created by Sparrows Landing Global Inc. providing toiletry and personal health care items to local homeless women in the District of Colombia. The purpose of this program is to strengthen and empower homeless women into feeling good about themselves and to remind them that they are wonderful. This uniquely designed program is used to connect with the local homeless women, learn their experiences and hardship in order to influence them to make life changes.

Thankful Thursdays

During the Thanksgiving holiday season, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. performs a weekly outreach initiative called, Thankful Thursdays. Each Thursday within the month of November Sparrows Landing Global Inc.  provides toiletries, food items, and clothing to the Washington D.C. homeless community. The purpose of this event is to spread some love and holiday cheer during the holiday seasons. Also, to serve the needs of our homeless citizens as the weather and environment changes.

Project Hope Tanzania

Project Hope Tanzania is Sparrows Landing Global largest international outreach project currently performed in Newala-Mtwara, Tanzania.

Project Luchingu Hope

*NEW* Quarterly, Sparrows Landing Global Inc. provides staple foods in  the form of rice and beans to the families with disable children at the Luchingu Primary School. The program was designed to restore hope and to  promote healthy living among the families SLG services in Newala-Mtwara, Tanzania. In the past Sparrows Landing Global Inc. has assisted the Luchingu Primary School and its disable students, with a  back-to-school drive, providing the youth with new school supplies and books to support their learning. SLG has also held a coat drive as well as many food outreach events, in support of these student’s families.  The purpose of Project Luchingu Hope is to restore hope to the families with youth struggling with mental and physical disabilities. To encourage their youth to finish school and to build confidence in themselves and their capabilities.

Stephene Frolian Chawala Foundation

Is a homeless outreach initiative, created by our late Sparrow, Stephen F. Chawala, in support of the Newala- Mtwara, Tanzania homeless community. Homeless residents have an opportunity to sign up through SLG and receive monthly staple food donations in the form of rice and beans. This program was created to support the homeless and in some cases elderly community in the Newala, Tanzania East Africa region.